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I come from a background of "Living in harmony with nature"

(as much as it is possible, in this modern technological world?)...


I wouldn't have this website, to connect with you, if I didn't also use...

"Modern Technology"!


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology...

(But, no further degrees, to practice as a Therapist)...


I'm not a doctor, or have any other "Health Practitioner Certificates"

But, I've been a "health enthusiast" for 50 years!.. (since 1974!)

And I've learned a lot along the way,

I know of many good Professionals, Practitioners and Protocols.

And of course, many powerful and effective supplements.


What is important to me, is that we try to live...

"As Natural As Possible"...

So we DON'T...


C O M P L E T E L Y ! ! 


As I stated, on my card...

"If you can't get your body up to some "meaningful level of good health"...

Then, all the "Fancy New Technologies"

Will have a hard time performing "their magic"!

As they are designed and intended!


If you're over sixty, and have never done a "detox cleanse"...

Then, your body is not really able to "respond effectively",

to most of the new sophisticated modern health technologies,

which are now available


Even though we need to do "detox cleanses" every year...

it It is NOT EASY TO DO!... Properly...

And, there are a few

different kinds of "detox cleanses" one can do?

So, I would recommend a "Holistic Natural Functional Doctor"

To guide you through this difficult process


If you are over sixty, and wish to extend your "life expectancy"..

Then, (unfortunately, from my perspective)...

If you haven't done some kind of "cleanses &/or detoxes"

Then you will have a "Long Arduous Journey" ahead of you, to go...

to get your body closer to "Optimum Health"!


And this needs to be DONE FIRST!

So you can go more towards even better health,

with a more healthy good diet, supplements...

And these newer cutting edge supplements and technologies!


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and choose the option... "Open in a New Window"

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Dr Berg...

Do this before you detox, or you'll...

Likely Have Problems!! 


5 minutes


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My "Dream- Vision" is to build an

"Ashram/Health Spa/Transformational Healing Center"


Located on an Organic Farm,

with a natural food restaurant and retail store.


It will have a 12 week

 "Transformational Healing Program"...   

Which can allow one, to...

"Come in as a Drunk", and ...

"Go out as a Monk"!?.


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The "Alchemist Journey"


An Incredibly Unique

"Cathartic Transformational Frequency Technology"!

Which can Actually...

"Induce A Powerful Deep Emotional Cathartic Experience!"

Thereby Providing The Basic Important "Foundation"

For True Deep Inner Peace and Calm,  which Is...

Necessary for Any Meaningful

Permanent Healing To Genuinely Take Place!


(And Of Course...

Equally Necessary In Order To Allow A

Permanent Change For Increasing Better Health & Longevity)


This Unique Powerful Technology


Better, and more effective than...

Peyote, LSD, DMT, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Ketamine...

Or even Ayahuasca!

Because, It's Not Chemical!...

 It's Safer with less Traumatic to the Body!

And It's Permanent!...


Natural And Real!!!


Because it is...

A Natural  Genuine, DeeEmotional-Spiritual 

Transformational  Cathartic  Experience!



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Another Service



An Ultimate Match Making

And Timing Program

It is Very Complex

Running Simultaneously Coordinated

Multifaceted Applications, and...

"AI Driven"


"Find Your Best Mate", Or...

Best Choice For HR Business Hiring, Plus...

Optimal Timing for Business or Personal

Decisions & Events


This computer AI based and personality profile

matchmaking and timing program, will seem "Uncanny"...

even to the point of being "Spooky or Intuitive",

with its incredible capacity to so effectively match people!?


Also, the "specific timing schedules" will do this, as well...

such that, one might think it is


in its a performance.


This is because,

No 1... The Astrology and Numerology systems that it uses,

come from different cultures, and they Are Intuitive!..

Having been developed for over thousands of years...

from different cultures'...


Intelligent, Intuitive People!


And No 2...

The "Personality Profile Systems",

(more than two of them!), have been developed by Psychologist...

for over a half a century, (since World War II)...

and were also developed by "intelligent and intuitive" people as well!

(In fact, the clients will likely "complain about the tedium

of the long questionnaire forms they need to fill out",

when enrolling in the program, because it is so long,

complex, sophisticated, and tedious!


But like any "complicated - sophisticated" system...

it has to have a lot of details to actually be effective!)


And No 3...

The sophisticated "AI Computer Program" will also be "very sophisticated"

so as to be able to "crunch all these numbers",

to make it work so effectively!


For new employee circumstances,

it will also seem "uncanny, and/or intuitive" or "psychic",

in its capacity to "so effectively match people",

to the demands of a new employment position.

This is because, (again)...


It is mixed with the information from a typical employee search matching system,

(such as, "Smart Recruiters"),

which finds the "right individual" with the education,

background and experience, for the job description,

which they are seeking a new employee...


But, it will now also be mixed with the "Personality Profile System",

provided by sophisticated "AI based matchmaking system", so as to also...

Get the right personality, for the position, as well!


(A personal note: As a Psych major, beginning in college,

back in 1966, this became an interest of mine, way back then!

[and obviously, I also used it, as a way to "date more college girls"!]... 

Plus my interest in Astrology and Numerology

[and their "matchmaking capacity"], also began, way back in 1970, as well.

So, you can see, this has been a "quest of mine", for a very long time!..

and now with the "new computer driven AI Astrology"...

it's faster, easier and cheaper, than ever!)


I'm envisioning this being used, in the modern developed world,

so that one could find a "match-mate", friend, or employee,

throughout the "Modern First World"!


(I will not include China,

nor other non-democratic countries in this program!)


But obviously, one would prefer to seek out someone in matchmaking,

or employees, that live within a 100-mile range of where they are.

So when doing it's matching, it will start relatively close within the 100 miles,

and then begin to stretch out further, if it seems necessary,

(which I believe in large metropolitan areas that won't be necessary...

i.e. with millions of people!.. instead of, "just hundreds of thousands"!?)

It will likely not be necessary, to go further than a100 mile area.

(after enough people have registered

in the program in their greater metropolitan areas).


But, for those living more "out in the countryside',

it would expand the distance further,

thereby bringing in more people choosing only outer areas, into that system,

because "country people" have a different culture, than "city folk",

(but the program will also ask,

if they "now consider themselves more as a country cultured person",

even though perhaps they've now recently moved to the city?)

This would expand the distance out over hundreds of miles,

so the, "cultural reference" of those living in the same proximity,

will be also be "more similar" contributing to the compatibility of the system...

rather then reaching out to further distances...

(i.e. people "living out in the country",

in "The  South", will be culturally different than those living

in the country, in the "The North, Midwest, or the West", as well).

So, in most cases this will be sufficient in the program.

(except perhaps, for employment matching situations).


So, perhaps you can see this has been "well thought out",

(for over 50 years!), and I still have a great passion for it...

and I believe, that it still has "deep value",

in providing enjoyment and fulfillment in our modern-day world,

by finding someone who is so incredibly ("intimately") compatible with you,

for a mate...  or new friends, as well!


Plus the timing part of it,

people will quickly find it "quite valuable", as well!


I "numerologically" like the number 9, because of its "High Frequency".

So, the program will cost $36 to join, and we'll have a monthly fee of $18.

(paid near the beginning of the month, on a monthly "Auto-pay" program)


But, this is because it will also include the "timing events"

for things for that following month...

describing "good times" to do different activities, or when

"Not To Do Them"!...


Which people will find very unique and eventually "invaluable",

after they get used to using it, as a new reference guide, in their lives.


(Note: This is one of the other values, that Astrology, and Numerology,

has been providing, and advocating, FOR CENTURIES!!)


At $18 per month, (however, the matching service, is $99),

one can see how this can quickly become a


(because... just, one million people in it, would generate,

$18 Million dollars per month!...


And remember, it is run by a sophisticated "AI Computer Program",


Like many things in our new AI, culture, and economy,

it's overhead costs, will be low!


Plus... think of the "wonderful cultural service" it will provide humanity!?)


People will become confident that they can easily find

"That Special Someone!" ("Soul-Mate"... or if/when, the relationship "runs out",

{after the "children leave the nest"}), and one is ready for their "second marriage",


The system will provide that [again], as well!

{"Now it's normal, in this Modern World,

to typically have three marriages, in one's life}...

Plus it can find you "new friends", at any time in your life!...

compatible to your values and interests"...TOO!



I can't imagine I'm "the only person,

interested in astrology, and matchmaking"...

who has thought of this idea!..

And now... by also using modern AI computer technology!

Too economically successfully provide this incredibly valuable service!


So, it could easily pay for the...

"Ashram Organic Farm - Healing Center",

as well!


So, I'm seeking...

"Enlightened Investors or Sponsors'''

Who would find my...

"Aspirations Interesting and Valuable."..


Or, someone who knows how to do..."



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(To Me), We need to build .."

~  "The Sanctuary"  ~

A. S. A. P. !!!

So we can "Come Together" in...

"Our True Home"


As the Foundation where we can demonstrate this to others...

How we can live in a...

"True Genuine Caring Community'''

as our...

"True Innate Natural Authentic Human Identity"!


So they can also (finally) have this as a...

"Direct Experience" 

Of a place where this is REAL & Available!


While ...

"The Rest Of The World" seems to be...

"Racing" Toward An...


"Enormous Cataclysmic Event "!



Devouring our "Innate Natural Humanity"!!

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Edward  Nielsen




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A general description on how our

human body's digestion functions,

and natural healing treatments.


Our human body, having developed over hundreds of thousands of years, similar to other mammals,

has set up a pattern for living and survival.


If you go back about ten thousand years, humans generally started reproducing

at around age 18...

So they become grandparents at about 36 years old!


As a result, if a human can live to just age 46...

Then, they will have with at least 10 years to grandparenting, so then...


The Human Race Could Survive!...

(by helping to teach the children how to survive in their environment).


Like all mammals, the probiotics (good bacteria, now called the "Human Biome"),

is primarily passed down from our great-grandmothers,

o our grandmothers, to our mothers, to us...

(and to our daughters, as well)


This period of breast feeding generally lasts from one, to one and a half years.

However in our modern culture, mothers are only likely to breastfeed,

for a couple of months, (if that!), and then go on using

manufactured commercial formulas, for a few more months.


This is because, modern women

now, often hold down full-time jobs, (which didn't really exist until after World War II).

And, now the fathers can also feed their infants, with these manufactured baby formulas.


So again like all mammals, the health of our human biome,

is predominately dependent upon quality, strength and the volume of probiotics

we have gotten from our mother's breast milk.


It's only recently in the past 20 years or so, that sophisticated probiotics supplements have

become available to us, in a supplement form.


However it is true, that we did have different forms of fermented food, such as sauerkraut,

kimchi, and different forms of yogurt and cheeses, in our diet, as well.


In a natural environment, these natural fermented foods, are good and necessary

to help keep our human biome strong and replenished.


So in the beginning of eating breast food only, is the...



Which we have to establish a good foundation of probiotics surviving in our digestive system.


Our digestive system goes through four digestive phases of

switching from alkaline to acidity and back,

to break down and extract the nutrients from the food which we eat...

After, we are weaned!.. and begin eating "regular food".


Our digestive system isn't that effective.

Studies done in the '60s, showed that of the nutrients

which are in our food, (when measured chemically),

that only about 26% of them get into our bloodstream...

(by measuring the remaining nutrients left in our feces).


So again, like other mammals, (except perhaps cats,

as true carnivores, and ruminant cows, having four stomachs)...

We, (as omnivores), only actually absorb about 26% of the nutrients in the foods which we eat.

But... this opens up a much greater "menu of foods"...

which we can eat, than straight carnivores, or herbivores!


Whereas, when breastfeeding, the nutrients in our mother's milk,

are easily digested and assimilated.


As a result, at that time...

We don't need strong bentain hydrochloric acid and protein enzyme (known as pepsin),

in our stomach, to break down proteins in our mother's milk...

which is only food which we are eating.

 (because it starts when we are "weaned off breast milk",

and begin, eating "regular food", for the first time)


So, in this way, if we are breastfed for at least one year,

then the good probiotic bacteria can well establish itself in our colon,

(in an acidic environment),

without having been weaned off breast milk, before at least one year.


Since this hardly happens anymore in our modern society...

consequently, all of us are starting out with a...

Disadvantage of a weak Human Biome!..

Right from beginning of our early lives!


Digestion starts with alkalinity (ph 9), in our mouth,

and with an enzyme called amylase, which breakdown starches

into simple sugars, (if we chew our food sufficiently).

It also has alkaline based "healthy oral bacteria" in our mount,

to assist in this breakdown of starches, while chewing our food, in our mouths.


But, of course now, in our modern fast food society,

most people "gulp down their fast foods", with a Coke,

or other sodas, and don't chew it sufficiently.

Plus, it doesn't have real quality kinds nutrition and fiber starches,

("Prebiotics"), which we had eaten for thousands of years prior.

(only having changed, since the 1960's!).


The second phase of digestion, switches to acidity, with betaine hydrochloric acid (ph 5),

and the enzyme pepsin used to break down proteins,

such as in meats, broccoli, beans and nuts and seeds

into molecularly small amino acids, so they can pass through the epithelial wall,

of the intestine, into our blood stream.


Also, it's high acidity, is designed to sterilize most bacteria, fungus or viruses,

that enter our stomach.


Most people believe they get their proteins from their meat products.

However, it turns out that,

for example, broccoli has more protein per pound, than meat does.

And of course nuts and seeds and spirulina, are even higher than that.


The next phase of digestion, (the "pyloric sphincter", regulates the movement of the

digested food in the stomach,

going to the small intestine, and acts as a "one way check valve",

so food won't "go backwards",

back into the stomach, from the duodenum).


In the duodenum it changes again, to highly alkaline, (ph 11),

from the liver bile, which is used to breakdown

fats into simple lipid molecules, (similar to the way soap's

alkalinity breaks down fats and oils on our skin,

or other things which we clean).


Then these smaller lipid molecules can be transferred into our bloodstream,

through our, (one cell thick), epithelial wall in the small intestine.

It also breaks down starches further, as well.


Alkalinity of the liver bile, is so high, that it also virtually sterilizes,

(again), the food being digested there...

so that there is no pathogenic bacterial passing through into our ilium and colon

.(unless you get "Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, [SIBO]).


But again, in our "modern world", this digestive process is constantly being degraded!


This is why those living in the "Blue Zones", more often make it to age 100!...

because their diet and lifestyle,

is closer to that of our ancestors, and they have higher quality soil,

being outdoors in the sunshine more... 

and access omega 3 oils, (from small fish, i.e. sardines),

and natural fermented goat or sheep cheeses.


The ileocecal valve, is a "one way check valve",

at the end of the ilium, disallowing food to "backwash"

from the colon back into the ilium.


This is why quality probiotics, have to be enteric coated,

so they can make it live, through the stomach's acidity,

and the ilium's bile alkalinity, to survive!..

into the later part of our digestive system...

our colon.


And also this is why, even fermented foods like yogurts and sauerkraut,

don't necessarily make it live into a colon, as well.


For this reason, they've also used "anal implants",

too implant probiotics into our colon from our anus.


In the colon, liquid and more of these digested nutrients are broken down further,

by the bifidum type bacteria,

(i.e. "Postbiotics", SCFA's - Short Chain Fatty Acids) in the colon.


Then they are reabsorbed through the hepatic vein, back to the liver...

and eventually back into the bloodstream, as nutrition for the body.


So I think perhaps, you can begin to see the problem with this situation.

If the colon becomes too contaminated with putrefied food, because of poor diet,

over eating, etc. (a "Poor Lifestyle"), and the bifidum bacteria living in

our "biofilm" has become too weak...

then we're drawing back putrefied nutrients, into the liver and into our body!


The liver also functions similar to a "sophisticated vitamin manufacturing plant", as well...

making hundreds of specific molecules and enzymes, needed in the body's functioning.


But, it is also functions as a detoxing "sewage treatment plant" of our body, too!..

Constantly working on detoxing (as much as it can), on all toxins which have

entered into the bloodstream, and from the returning digested fluid from our colon.


So, perhaps you can see the problem here!

If our feces become overly putrefied, (with "foul, ugly flatulate odors")...

Then the liver becomes overwhelmed by these returning purified fluids...

And the "sewage treatment function" of the liver, can (so to speak)

"Overflow, and flood over the wall",

Into the "vitamin/enzyme producing function" of the liver!..

Thereby "contaminating" the whole process, and The Whole Body!!


Then, chronic health disorders in the body will begin to progress, even further!


So, this is a major reason, (over time), why we get chronically

sick, with many "inflammatory" issues!

And this accelerates our aging, from this growing toxic overload...

and it's spread totally throughout our whole body!


So one might ask...

"Why is this happening"?..

And, if so...

then how come everyone isn't getting sick?..

Or how come our ancestors didn't have this problem, as well?!


It seems like a "weakness in the design of our digestive system"?!

Well, the simple answer is.. it's not the "faulty design",

or an "innate weakness of our colon"...

It's the high amount of heavy "processed" foods we eat, with "true nutrition" in them...

And, little exercise!

Also the fact that we eat about... 

1/4th the amount of vegetable fiber as...

even our great grandparents did! 

(let alone thousands of years ago! as in The "Paleo Diet")


In Holistic terms...

Since (today), we don't eat enough of quality higher fiber foods,

("prebiotics", i.e. cabbage, broccoli, carrots, turnips, Brussels sprouts, etc.),

which feed the good bacteria...

we quickly find our feces becoming purified,

and contributing to developing many "chronic inflammation disorders",

and to the "degeneration of the our colon and liver function" ("Probiotics")

So, this is actually the root cause of most all inflammatory and "degenerative disorders", 

(and "premature aging"!).. 





Also, since much of our foods are not organically grown, or in good fully mineralized soil,

and have residues of pesticides and herbicides, and other toxic

"heavy metals", etc... Or are GMO designed!


Consequently, our food source is completely corrupted!, lower in nutrition,

and more contaminated with toxins, than the diets of our ancestors!


So it's no wonder that we have such high levels of diabetes,

and other inflammatory issues, and cancer...

in our modern world!


From a holistic health perspective, all of these elevated "modern disorders",

are a result of these low fiber diets, poor eating habits,

with nutritionally deficient foods,

low exercise and quality sleep, (i.e. "Lifestyle")

and the contamination of the food supply!

And elsewhere in our environment!


So I'm not saying there aren't particular treatments in protocols,

that can apply to specific symptoms of disorders,

but often, in "holistic perspectives and treatments"...

if one can generally, remove the toxins, pathogenic bacteria,

fungus and parasites, and "heavy metals', from the body,

("Detoxing Protocols"), and replace and rebuild the human biome,

and feed it with quality proper "prebiotic starch fibers",

and quality high nutrition foods...


Most of these (inflammatory and toxic based health issues),

will FADE AWAY!, as the person becomes healthier

and possibly even (measurably) younger!


All this being said... This not to say, that...

"I'm against modern sophisticated alternative treatments"...

such as things like; stem cells, peptides, enzymes, hormone replacement,

Gene Therapy, PMF, red light lasers, "frequency healing",

and powerful quality supplements,

herbal treatments, and well designed probiotics.


Exercise, yoga and stretching is important, as well.


So, today...

as a result of these combined issues...

we are virtually ..."

Rotting, From The Inside Out"!..

which is contributing to our accelerated chronic diseases,...


"P R E M A T U R E    A G I N G"! !



So, from my 50 years of study...

I say.. .

"Go With Nature"!... 

(& "Natural Healing"),


As it seems to provide the likely best possible outcome,

for a genuine better health perspective, one can pursue, 

to provide an actual...

"Permanent Change" 

To better one's health!


Like I said...



"Go With Nature...

It (She) ... 

Already Has The Answers!


~~~                ~~~              ~~~                 ~~~                ~~~                ~~~                ~~~                ~~~


One more comment...

Oh, and...

Of course, there also is a "Emotional / Spiritual"

component to one's ultimate "good health".


If your "grumpy", "pissed-off", "depressed", or "stressed out" (etc.)...

Then are you "genuinely healthy"?


Even if you have the best food, your digestion is working well,

you get some exercise, and your sleep "OK"..

(even at age 35!)...

But you're stressed, or depressed about something...

we tend to "gravitate to ice-cream, pastries, chocolate, or beer,

to mask or suppress our negative feelings"!


I know of "raw food vegans", who eat the best cleanest diet possible!...

But, they are (obsessive), and are...

"Emotionally Sick"!


So, obviously this must be considered, as well...

Plus, having a few close friends, and doing something

which "gives your life meaning", is important as well, for better.

Emotional & Spiritual Health!...


~~~                ~~~              ~~~                 ~~~                ~~~                ~~~                ~~~                ~~~


Dr. Mark Hyman says...

“Depression is more in your gut...

Than In Your Mind”! 

33 minutes


~~~                ~~~              ~~~                 ~~~                ~~~                ~~~                ~~~                ~~~


Diagnosis and Treatments


So how come one person gets one disorder.

And another person gets a different one?


Well, all of our makeups are  somewhat different.

We have different genetic strengths and weaknesses...

and different "epigenetic reactions".


Plus our biome, is different for each of us,

and what contamination or toxins we've gotten were different...

plus our metabolic type and "dispositions" are different.


However, the "cleanse protocol" is good for everyone,

and the "rejuvenate program" also is good for everyone.


And then after that we can find more specific personal issues

and their specific treatments,

as the healing therapies advance.

There are some things we have in common,

and some things we don't!


And, now there now is "genetic specific testing",

for strengths and weaknesses in our genetic makeup.

This give us more precise indications, as to why ones body is reacting as it is.


And what treatments and supplements will be most effective.


So even though it's all natural


What's the greatest cause of death, among seniors?

Heart conditions?.. Diabetes?.. Dementia?.. Cancer?


No, (to me) it's their...

 "Unhealthy Lifestyle".


And what causes that?


Well, mostly ignorance of what contributes to better health.



But what are the main obstacles for us to the getting healthier?


Well, besides ignorance... unfortunately...

It's our own resistance to change!.. and/or habit patterns in our lifestyle,

which is the greatest inhibition to changing

our diet and lifestyles to make our health better.


But, it is not just humans, who fall into their "habit patterns",

an their "comfort zone". 

It is most efficient way in nature,

if we (and other mammals), can utilize,

by getting our needs or responsibilities into a "habit pattern"...

then, we don't have to "consciously think about" what we need to do,

all the time.


Driving a car, is probably the most obvious example of this.

It only takes about three months of driving for a new 16 year old,

to get "comfortable" with their driving skills...

After that, it pretty much.. 

"Goes On Automatic".


Okay, but how does this relate to getting healthier?


Well, we have many behaviors which become in our habit patterns,

because it's more efficient, and/or "comfortable" to have as many things function

"on automatic", as an natural habit.


However, (like many things), there also are downsides,

to having things "stuck" in our habit patterns.


As we get older, our habit patterns get more engrained in our life,

such that they ultimately become part of our "Belief System"!...

believing that "their way is the best (or the only) way.

But, this usually causes "atrophy", as we get older, and as a result...

This then, becomes our "COMFORT ZONE".


Now, that may seem okay, and in some instances, this can be the case.


But often...

Especially when it comes to our health and our capacity to change...

our "habit patterns" to change to a "more healthy lifestyle",

is usually caused by our resistance to "get out our Comfort Zone",

which is the greatest block, which inhibits this positive change in our lives!...

Especially for older people!!!


And unfortunately, they normally are the ones,

who need the change the lifestyles, to healthier ones..



So, I think you can see the problem here.

Older people are the ones who's health lifestyles,

are typically not that good...

And since "the clock is running out",

So, they unfortunately are the ones,

who need to change their lifestyle,



But, since they are also the ones who are

most "Entrenched In Their Comfort Zone"! 



This situation is the greatest inhabitance for them to getting healthier!..


Not for lack of knowledge of what will work!


(which generally, I outlined, previously, in my description)


But, it is more of a "Psychological Problem",...

than a (direct) health problem.


And, (unfortunately)...

Even if you bring this "perspective" to the attention of a senior.

That... it is their own... 

"Resistance To Change"!


Which is mostly what's stopping them from considering it,

and thereby, from getting healthier!


They Will Still Resist

C H A N G I N G!!



And as I've said...

Generally, "cleansing, exercise, quality sleep, and good diet,

supplements, and... a healthy emotional attitude"

Will ("virtually") Alleviate Most Chronic Health Issues!...



Our "Comfort Zone's" influence is...

Much Greater Than...

We Could Imagine!!.


Example video from youtube, 2 minutes

"Comfort will ruin your life !"



       ~~~           ~~~            ~~~           ~~~           ~~~            ~~~           ~~~           ~~~            ~~~



We've now come to think That...

"Starring At A Small Electronic Screen""!..

(for hours at a time"!)

Is "Okay" !!??...

Or now... 

Somehow "Natural"...


But, obviously...

it is...


And i'm sure, our health will eventually pay a price,

for this "bad habit", as well!


It is great that we now we have found ways...

to possibly live longer ...


For what purpose?

So we can stare at a little screen...

For More Years??!!



Just Go With Nature...

It ...


Already Has The Answers!


  ~~~              ~~~               ~~~              ~~~              ~~~               ~~~              ~~~              ~~~  


A video, by a Harvard Dr. Daniel Liberman

Explains how we humans have evolved...

and what this means, for us


1 Hour 33 Minutes..

(you don't have to watch it all...[at one time] ) 




Doctors discuss the "lost cultural intuitive use of herbs and spices"

by "common folks" for Centuries!!

Which helped them sustain their health, and make their meals 

much more tasty and beneficial to their digestion.

33 minutes



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